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In the digital era, design sits at the core of amazing brand experiences. Smart organisations are realising that embedding design into business practices is now a necessity in order to create a deeper loyalty among audience, and ultimately to make an impact on their beneficiaries. These companies won’t just create great design. They’ll have a secret weapon to help them stand out.

About Us

Our Philosophy

Clients Happen.
Passion drives us.
  • The passion to create. To smear the colour on the blank board and then to build strategies around it. For you do best that you truly love.

  • Also an eye for detail.

  • We are about spilled late night coffees, creative brushstrokes and hard-line strategies.

  • We read our audience. And yours. We build communications that trespass minds, affect choices and elicit a reaction. The reaction we desire.

  • We work best with clients who are equally passionate about their work. To grow for the sake of work and their love for it.

  • Clients happen.

What We Do

“In the corporation of the future, new leaders will not be masters but maestros. The leadership task will be to anticipate the signs of coming change, to inspire creativity, and to get the best ideas from everybody.”

- Ned Herrmann

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ArtNiti Karma

Designing the difference

We believe in magic. We believe we can change the world simply with better design and better communication.

ArtNiti Karma aims at propelling student organisations, NGOs and start-ups that endeavours to make a difference. We are empowering organisations by making relevant experience and expertise available. We design concepts, strategies and communications for organisations working in social spaces and public interest to affect maximum impact of your idea.

Get your Design Advantage

Should you be interested in letting us in to your world so we can reach out to the outside world together, with greater impact, Kindly fill in this form to let us know more about you

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Digital Activities

ArtNiti works in close coordination with you for the entire process – from planning the perfect route, chalking out an implementation plan to gauging the desired impact.









Recent Projects

Every project is a masterpiece in itself; for the stories it tells changes perspectives, sometimes, more than even we imagined!

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Bhagat Singh
Jammu and Kashmir Floods
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Our Team

The team of maestros at ArtNiti ensures you plan, create and deliver communication that best suits you, your audience and your product. Check out the entire range of our services.

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